The Regatta organizers wish to mention to all participants that the underlying aim of the event is to provide competitive and enjoyable racing for all crews, irrespective of the design or vintage of their yachts.


The Regatta is organized by the RLIR 2024 Organizing Committee in conjunction with the Malaysian Sailing Association (MSA – National Authority) under the patronage of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.

Enquiries and entries should be addressed to:

Regatta Secretariat
Royal Langkawi International Regatta,
Jalan Dato Syed Omar, 07000 Kuah, Langkawi,
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Tel. +60 4 966 4078 Fax. +60 4 966 5078
[email protected]

The notation ‘[NP]’ in a rule means that a boat may not protest another boat for breaking that rule. This changes RRS 60.1(a).



The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) including,

The IRC Rules 2023 Parts A, B and C. 

IRC Rule 22.4.2 shall not apply. There will be no limitations on crew number or weight except as required for
boats rated as one design, which shall comply with IRC Rule 22.4.1.

The current Offshore Multihull Rule (OMR) with the following amendments: 

The use of stored power for the hoisting of mainsails, or the reefing or furling of sails on Multihull Boats need
not be declared.

Multihull Boats using stored power for the adjustment or operation of running rigging shall declare this to the
OMR Rating Authority.

The principals of the World Sailing Empirical Scoring system, for evaluation of performance based results.

RRS 52, Manual Power, shall not apply for yachts racing in the Multihull, Classic and Cruising Classes.

The use of Automatic or wind-vane steering is permitted in the Cruising Classes, and the use of stored power for
the hoisting, reefing or furling of sails need not be declared.

RRS Rule 77 and Appendix G shall not apply.

No National prescriptions shall apply.

This Notice of Race and The Sailing Instructions.

Where a conflict arises the Sailing Instructions will take precedence, followed by this Notice of Race. (This
changes Rule 63.7)

Changes to the RRS and Rating Rules are as detailed in this Notice of Regatta or in the Sailing Instructions. This
changes RRS J1.3(1)



All participating boats shall comply with the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Appendix B (inshore racing), with the following exceptions:

Sports Boats, Day Boats and Beach launched Multihulls shall comply with their Class Safety regulations, sail limitations and other regulations where they differ from World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Appendix B (inshore racing).

The requirement to be self-righting will not apply to the Multihulls Classes

All boats shall carry an operational marine band VHF radio and monitor the designated channels from 30 minutes before any scheduled start until after finishing.



Boats shall be required to display branding chosen and supplied by the organizing authority.

Boats intending to carry advertising additional shall indicate this on their entry form, together with the names of companies and/ or products to be advertised.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any boat that carries advertising in conflict with any of the regatta sponsors, or in any way offend Malaysian laws or customs by their nature.

Use of Event-related images and footage by the Organising Committee:

The Organising Committee and, as authorized by the committee, its agents, sponsors, licensees, other commercial partners may use event-related still images and footage taken at any time, which may include images of competitors, their boats, support vessels, crew and sponsors, provided that the organizing committee shall not use such images to create a direct endorsement by or from a competitor or any person, sponsor, product or service associated with a competitor, without the prior consent of the competitor.



It is the intention to have the Sailing Instructions available on the event website from Sunday 7th January 2024. Printed Sailing Instructions will be available at registration on 15th January.

Sailing Instructions, and supplementary sailing instructions that will be on the official notice board located at the Weather Deck, the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.



The Race Committee (RC) reserve the right to subdivide any class into divisions.
Draft class splits will be posted on the official website approximately one week earlier in-order to allow comment from competitors.

A minimum of 5 boats are required to constitute a class or division. If less than the required minimum entrants are received the RC may amalgamate classes. The RC reserves the right to adjust the eligibility criteria and/or reallocation of boats in the interests of fair competition. The determination of eligibility criteria and the allocation of boats to particular classes or divisions shall not be grounds for protest or redress.

IRC Monohulls (Monohull keelboats, including Sports-boats with a current valid IRC 2023 certificate).

Based on entries, the Race Committee may divide IRC classes considering design and performance characteristics as follows:

  • Racing
  • Premier (Modern Cruising Boats with Large Displacement)
  • IRC 1
  • IRC 2
  • Sports boats

Final Class divisions will be announced at the Skippers Briefing on 15th January 2024.

Multihulls. Trimarans and Catamarans of a size and condition acceptable to the Race Committee.
Subject to the number of entries, the Race Committee may divide the Multihull Class into classes/divisions based on boat design and performance characteristics.

Club Monohull keelboats
Subject to entry numbers, the Race Committee may split this class into the following divisions based on boat design and performance characteristics: 

  • Club Cruising
  • Ocean Rover
  • White Sail (Yachts Sailing without Spinnaker or Chute)
  • One-Design Classes
    One Design Class of more than 5 boats may apply to the Race Committee for their own class or division status. Applications should be made in writing prior to 10th December 2023.