LANGKAWI, 12 January 2023 – The day started again with a disappointing wind forecast of zero-to-two knots. Bass Harbour was as flat as a pancake and we wonder if there is something we can do to appease the wind Gods. As expected the AP flag was up at 7.30am in the morning.
Since there is so much talk about wind which is the most essential part of a regatta, we thought we would juice up our report with a little history of some of the various gods of wind.
Every event relying on nature rests in the “lap of the Gods!” The ancient Greco-Romans had four wind gods, Boreus, the North wind, Zephyros, the West wind, Notus, the South wind and Euros, the East. The Hindu God of wind is Vayu, who is also the divine messenger of the gods. The Norse god of wind, the sea and all its riches is Njord. And finally for today, Fujin was the fierce Japanese god of wind. Let’s hope that giving these guys some publicity will turn them in our favor.
But never say never, suddenly there was a glimmer of hope. The pin boat dropped the leeward mark at 12.30pm and at 13.33 the AP flag came down. Racing Class, followed by IRC1 and Multihulls, then Sportboats started on a short course to suit the conditions.
The wind was light and variable resulting in a further shortened race for IRC1 and Club Class.
Todays’ results:
THA72 topped the racing class again winning all three races so far.
No change in IRC1 class either. Mata Hari with skipper Vincent Chan took first place today as well as first place overall in this class followed by Phoenix helmed by Niels Degenkolw.
The RSYC team in the Sportsboats class also took honors again in today’s race, second place went to team UMT2.
Team Trident gained top spot in the multihull class followed by Team Twin Sharks and Team Fetz Ma in the third podium spot!