20th RLIR from January 15-20, 2024
Day 5 – 20 January 2024 – In a dramatic contrast to the first three days of racing, the last day of the regatta started with the wind moving around and recording only three, four or five knots. Fortune favors the brave and the Principal Race Officer (PRO), Simon James, decided to keep the boats in the vicinity of the committee/start boat knowing that the wind would pick up when it settled to the usual ENE direction. Fortunately, by about 10.00 am the wind had picked up and by 10.34 am the AP flag was down to start the race sequences.
Racing, Multihulls, IRC 1, combined IRC 2 and Club, and Sports Boat classes made the first five starts in that order with Racing Class, IRC 1, IRC 2 and Multihulls tackling Kuah Harbour course 1(ii), Sports Boat on course 1(xiii) and Club class allocated course 15.
The first race sequence commenced at 9.30 am for races on Kuah Harbour courses and the second race sequence commenced at 11.30 am for races on the West Coast courses. The wind has picked up again for the second race promising an exciting afternoon of racing.
The wind picked up sufficiently to start a second race for Racing class on course 19, with IRC 1, IRC 2 and Multihulls on course 1(ii).
Club class and Sports Boat finished their regatta after the first race went back to the marina.
Today’s results:
Racing class continued with the same pecking order with identical performances every day. Nick Burns’ ‘Witchcraft’ was the winner in both races, followed by Rolf Heemskerk’s ‘The Next Factor’, ‘Uranus’ and ‘Zuhal’.
A surprise today in the IRC 1 class was ‘Endeavour of Whitby’ skippered by Stuart Williamson, winning both races. These were the first wins for this team in five days of racing so he, his yacht and crew all performed very well in the lighter airs. ‘Mata Hari’ claimed two second places and ‘Char Chan’ took up the third podium position.
In the IRC 2 class ‘The Blue Angel’ helmed by Jeremy Camps continued its impressive performance to secure the top spot winning both races today. Mike Downard’s ‘Piccolo’ was second in both races and Rama Menon’s ‘VG Offshore’ upset Sergei Musikhin’s ‘Wind of Change’ by taking both third places.
In the Sportsboat class, ‘RSYC team’ skippered by Rizal Mahadi bin Sazili also continued its winning spree in both races ahead of ‘UMT1‘ skippered by Ku Anas Ku Zamil and ‘Navy 1’ skippered by Asmawi Azman.
In the Multihull class ‘Twin Sharks’ and ‘Parabellum’ were always close in the entire racing regatta jostling for places 1 and 2 in almost all races. Today John Newnham’s ‘Twin Sharks’ won race 1 and came second in race 2. Dan Fidock’s ‘Parabellum’ won the second race but was relegated to third in the first race.
And finally, today’s club class winner was ‘Marikh’ helmed by Wan Fadli bin Wan Ahmad. Kimikimi scored two second places today keeping the fight for the top podium spot in this class wide open.
It was fascinating to see how some yachts performed so differently in lighter winds today, especially compared to the first three days when much stronger breezes were experienced.
“Beautiful one day and perfect the next” sums up today’s great day of racing.
The last day of this year’s regatta finished in time for the Prize Presentations for the day at 4.00 pm at Charlie’s Bar and Grill at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.
We are all looking forward now to the Closing Ceremony and Grand Prize Presentation at the Poolside of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club at 7.30 pm.